Friday, July 13, 2007

You're Done!
You answered 10 of 10 questions correctly.
You're a Yarn Yenta
Not only do you know about all the latest offerings, you've tried most of them — and can recommend the perfect fiber for any project! Heck, you probably even make your own yarn!

go take the test! maybe you can be a yarn yenta like me :-)


Ayelet said...

Wow, 10 out of 10! I got 7 correct, and I had to guess some of them :)

Betriska said...

Well, the temptation to cheat was overwhelming! So the fact I got
6 of 10 questions correctly? Amazing! :o)

I'm a Savvy Stitcher
I'm aware of the newer trends (and yes, I've even experimented with a few off-beat strands), but nothing can ever replace good old wool in your heart!

So ME!!! :o)

Betriska said...

Oh! And I was totally distracted with the BEAUTIFUL photography of YARN! Oh my!

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