Sunday, July 08, 2007

we got up at 4:30am drove down picked up the kids, and then slowly came home.
we stopped at sutter's mill and did the museum stuff, and the touristy things.
the one souveneir i had to bring home, a darning egg. :-)the "beer garden" was the kids choice for lunch b/c it looked like a was so nice and cool inside it! there were really long tables and a bbq/firepit. when i get my own house oneday, i want to build one. but grapes on oneside wisteria on the other. (like the wisteria covered porch in monaco, just smaller)on the drive i was really too sleepy to knit. messed up a row in my MS3, had to rip out 4 rows and redo it.
i do not recommend chart reading on winding mountain roads. yuck!

this week should be 95 instead of 110, which is a welcome relief. (no AC or swamp cooler here)
which is why this is my favourite knitting spot.

a pool with a built in bench. perfect! not quite the princess castle pool my aunt had built :-) but perfect for the hot weather! ( you can check out mom's trip to LA and swimming in the pool on her blog)

lastly, have you seen these! sock needle kits from knitpicks! drooling!!! size 0-3, inc both size ones and twos


bubbebobbie said...

Oh it is so good to see my babies even if it is only in a picture. They all look healthy and happy. So good to have them home.
Love Bubbe

SuzyScribbles said...

I hopped on over from Bubbe's blog and discovered you are a knitter, which gives me an idea for a Friday Show and Tell sometime! I used to raise Angora rabbits, plucked them, spun the angora (mixed with silk) on my spinning wheel, and crocheted baby hats and a sweater set for my young-uns, and one for my firstborn grandson.
It's a lost art, and it's neat to see you into it.
I see you also visited Sutter's Mill. I did a book review today on a Gold Rush book that you may enjoy. Hope on over if you feel like it.
We're getting California weather up here this week! (near Seattle).

SuzyScribbles said...

Oops. I pushed the wrong button and lost the link. I'll try that again.
I'm still a newbie at this blogging stuff.

Sue H said...

I like the idea of knitting in the pool on hot days, but knowing me I'd drown the yarn, lol.
Now those knit picks sock needles are making me drool. I can see I'll have to get some. The Brittany Birch needles I've been using keep needing to be filed to smooth them out.

Ayelet said...

I'm curious about the needles - what are sizes one and two?

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