Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Texts

" there is alot of confusion in the greater world today regarding the bible and what it means in refrence to a multitude of topics, words, concepts, subjects, and theolgical doctrines. There are amny divisions based on the doctrines of men (religious leaders) that cause strife, frustration, tension, division, confusion and doubt amongmany believers and unbelivers.... there are so many different points of view, biases, and interpretations given by religious leaders and lay people regarding "what G-d really means". this creates confusion, instability, and divisions inthe livesand hearts of those wanting to live in obedience to G-d and in occordance to His will.
Because of these differences of opinion, G-d's word seems to be unclear, inconsistent, fluid and ever changing, confusing, unstable, untrustworthy as a final authority of Truth. These diverse doctrines of men have weakened the strength, courage, testimony, light and vision in this generation...."

"The Word of G-d is defined as G-d's doctrine, never to be confused with the doctrine of men. The Bible claims to be absolute truth. The Bible is Holy and states that it comes from G-d, not man and is His holy word. The bible testifies and reveals G-d's relationship with humanity, His plan and ultimate purpose. The Bible gives clearinstruction regarding the proper study of His Word being "line upon line and precept upon precept, here a little, there a little". This procedre clearly prohibits taking scripture out of context from either the chapters or the whole Biblical contenet to prove a point or develop a doctrine."
"Many go to great lengths to and efforts to explain what G-d meant and why, and base their information on their own logic or wisdom or current philosphy, all of this seperate from Bible scripture."

Isaiah 5 v 21 "Woe to them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent intheir own sight!"

Define the word truth: look up in the dictionary

ok heather, waiting for your comments :-) i will email you later...dental stuff and soccer camp with the kids this week!


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bubbebobbie said...

Very deep for 6 am.
I have a great definition I will email to you.
love mom

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