Friday, July 20, 2007

this crazy busy life

this has been a crazy year. i rarely have time for posts that aren't fiber related.
but i am embarking on a new class. my friend Heather and i are going to be discussing it on tuesdays, so for the next 14 wks, it will be "textual criticism Tuesdays" or "Tuesdays Texts" to make it easier.
feel free to jump in or ignore the dialog as it comes up.
i missed this tuesday because life is crazy as usual. the congregation has out grown its current location and we are moving to a bigger place. so collecting and moving all the items and updating the website with new locations, have been a priority.
but being "Married to the Cloth" has given me a great library for the class. ( i really want a married to the cloth button, but am graphic/computer challenged )
Shmuli and i are having a few issues with sharing the Hebrew and Greek texts.
we shall see how many i will have to by for home use.
the class has been fun so far. Jews and gentiles, KJV dogmatic and Niv lover. so it will be interesting to see how discussions go. :-)
For those local, tonight our friend Sally is playing. call if you need directions :-)


bubbebobbie said...

Didn't mean to leave you more to do.
I love you, mom

Ayelet said...

A whole package of Hebrew was just sent your way this morning :) I hope you get it soon.

Let me know if I can help with that button!

mrsmiz said...

cant' wait, heather!
how did sally do? did you ahve a good weekend?

heather :)

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