Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MS3 update- wow i got to type in a title!

so with the bathroom crumbling, socks to knit, and tali's day of puke. i dont have much to show.
but chart a is done on the KP shadow in vineyard

the skacel merino is several rows behind the other one. it has contrasting beads, charcol like in colour. the other has beads more coordinated to the yarn, a dark amythest.

and just because it is cute. Jaden's monkey in the seamonkey socks.


N. Maria said...

You are knitting "2" MS3's and you wanted ME to knit for you! You are way over me! Just look at you go!

Dawn said...

Got here through your mom's rockin girl blog award. Just wanted to say hi and you do beautiful work.

bubbebobbie said...

hey I love seamonkey socks
I am glad the puking slowed long enough for you to go see my new pretty blog!

Hugs from the New HSB Blogger of the week.heehee your mom

Yarn It said...

Both are looking great! It is amazing how different the pattern looks depending on the yarn and needle size. I am still working on clue #2. I had some major issues and had to frog back to my lifeline after clue 1 and then tink back two rows. Now I am back on track.

Mary J. said...

One of my friends (actually, Heather #17) is also doing the Mystery Stole. I love the dark amythest one you're doing.

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