Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More tempting things for you

one of the best and worst things about ravelry is finding great patterns!

These two sea creatures are from Hansi's etsy

and then there are these socks with arch shaping. us girls with high arches like things that hug our curves :-D
i heart persephone socks! the design goes all the way the heel too

(none of these images are mine. they belong to their designers.)


lorinda said...

Great stuff and more distractions from cleaning my house. But on the other hand, getting my yarn organized will help me get my house clean. ;)

Ayelet said...

I can't believe those sea creatures - did you see the shirt design I just submitted to Threadless.com? (there's a link on my blog).

Also, did you get my package? I think you should have received it by now..

Sue H said...

Love those socks. I've bookmarked the link so I can buy the pattern soon. The sea creatures are great too, wonderful for little people to play with.

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