Monday, July 02, 2007

MS3 and contest

lotus knitter is having a contest.
this is my first FO besides swatches that never grew into scarves

This "girl" is now a HS grad. whoohoo! so proud of her!

next up on my que Aurelia Socks, in mountain colours. i have alot to get done before i get to do those tough.

MS# update. i am at row 27 which is very sad, there are people out there waiting for the next clue already! stupid ceiling! why did you cave? i organized my stuff for the shawl though. organizing makes me happy :-)

i am using skacel merino lace and changed the beads to a charcol colour.

also KP shadow in Vineyard. i love the body it has in comparison. but the skacel swatch turned out so nice when blocked... so i can't decide, must make both.

there is a difference in size as you can see here, same ammount of rows. but US 4 for skacel merino and US5 for Shadow. It will be interesting to see how this turns out overall.


Adelle said...

It looks great! I like the notebook... I was thinking of making one for myself :)

2trees said...

I'm using kp shadow in oregon coast myself. And I decided on the super-shiny beads, as the frosted ones don't pop enough (and if I'm going to the trouble to bead this thing, I want them to be NOTICED).

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