Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More tempting things for you

one of the best and worst things about ravelry is finding great patterns!

These two sea creatures are from Hansi's etsy

and then there are these socks with arch shaping. us girls with high arches like things that hug our curves :-D
i heart persephone socks! the design goes all the way the heel too

(none of these images are mine. they belong to their designers.)


Petunia PickleBottom Daiper bag: Rose coloured Blossom
3 diapers
sippy cup with a chewed up lid
cinderella wipe case
hand knit baby booties and hat from Tali's delivery
my sockapalooza sock that was finished and its half knit mate

not in our cars, at my mother's house, my house....
any ideas?

did i mention the socks are to be in the mail on Aug 2?
or that the bag was a very nice gift?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goodies From Knitter in Queens...
a post in which i am totally lame and forgot to post...um 2 wks ago??

Lantern Moon ebony US1's, soo yummy!

2 skeins koigu in a very lovely colourway and Favourite socks!

thank you so much Veronica!


only a few days left to sign up for SP11. if you have not received an email. be sure to login and click the sign up button on the left. you may not have signed up completely. you can also edit your info there. vendors can sign up now.

If you are still in SP10 limbo, waiting for final packages you will have to double check. those who did not complete sp10 on time, may be on a wait list or sitting out the upcoming round.

i am hoping everyone in the international group has now completed the last round.
if you are still waiting email me. now.

Just in case i am not the only one...

JP and i have been discussing cute knitted creatures. he just happened to mention crafty alien's upcoming cow. not knowing crafty alien. i googled them.

OMG! they are so cute!

how did i not know about them? way cuter than any knitted felted creatures i have seen besides the weasels. ( there are even baby weasels!)

now i must knit a weasel and read the book to the kids "Never tease a weasel". and i need a squirrel for our Miss Suzy book too. :-)

so just incase there are others out there, who do not know about weasels and crafty aliens.... click on the links! :-)

PS the monster on the previous post is and old knitty pattern, archived.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

such a luxey girl

210 yds of handspun (spun by me)
roving from natasha (luxefibre) in berrylicious

i love this roving. i still have some left after a novelty i made withthe sparkley stuff ( a few posts back at the threshing bee) and this sock weight yarn. i will try to match the weight/WPI of this one and make some socks :-)

mmmmm yummy! this is the second? or third? that i have got from natasha. she dyed some sock yarn for me too. i love her colours and creativity!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

knitty surprises are up!

Tuesday Texts

" there is alot of confusion in the greater world today regarding the bible and what it means in refrence to a multitude of topics, words, concepts, subjects, and theolgical doctrines. There are amny divisions based on the doctrines of men (religious leaders) that cause strife, frustration, tension, division, confusion and doubt amongmany believers and unbelivers.... there are so many different points of view, biases, and interpretations given by religious leaders and lay people regarding "what G-d really means". this creates confusion, instability, and divisions inthe livesand hearts of those wanting to live in obedience to G-d and in occordance to His will.
Because of these differences of opinion, G-d's word seems to be unclear, inconsistent, fluid and ever changing, confusing, unstable, untrustworthy as a final authority of Truth. These diverse doctrines of men have weakened the strength, courage, testimony, light and vision in this generation...."

"The Word of G-d is defined as G-d's doctrine, never to be confused with the doctrine of men. The Bible claims to be absolute truth. The Bible is Holy and states that it comes from G-d, not man and is His holy word. The bible testifies and reveals G-d's relationship with humanity, His plan and ultimate purpose. The Bible gives clearinstruction regarding the proper study of His Word being "line upon line and precept upon precept, here a little, there a little". This procedre clearly prohibits taking scripture out of context from either the chapters or the whole Biblical contenet to prove a point or develop a doctrine."
"Many go to great lengths to and efforts to explain what G-d meant and why, and base their information on their own logic or wisdom or current philosphy, all of this seperate from Bible scripture."

Isaiah 5 v 21 "Woe to them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent intheir own sight!"

Define the word truth: look up in the dictionary

ok heather, waiting for your comments :-) i will email you later...dental stuff and soccer camp with the kids this week!


Friday, July 20, 2007

this crazy busy life

this has been a crazy year. i rarely have time for posts that aren't fiber related.
but i am embarking on a new class. my friend Heather and i are going to be discussing it on tuesdays, so for the next 14 wks, it will be "textual criticism Tuesdays" or "Tuesdays Texts" to make it easier.
feel free to jump in or ignore the dialog as it comes up.
i missed this tuesday because life is crazy as usual. the congregation has out grown its current location and we are moving to a bigger place. so collecting and moving all the items and updating the website with new locations, have been a priority.
but being "Married to the Cloth" has given me a great library for the class. ( i really want a married to the cloth button, but am graphic/computer challenged )
Shmuli and i are having a few issues with sharing the Hebrew and Greek texts.
we shall see how many i will have to by for home use.
the class has been fun so far. Jews and gentiles, KJV dogmatic and Niv lover. so it will be interesting to see how discussions go. :-)
For those local, tonight our friend Sally is playing. call if you need directions :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

slowly radiating from center

tirzah's batmitzvah shawl
she has changed ideas and patterns and colour several times. but the morphing of 2 designs has finally got the math working.
this is how it currently looks.
tiny 11/0 accent beads and zephyr in chrome.
US6 bamboo til i could get it large enough for KP options US5
(my gauge is different on the bamboos)
off to swim with the kids in the kiddie pool!

Friday, July 13, 2007

You're Done!
You answered 10 of 10 questions correctly.
You're a Yarn Yenta
Not only do you know about all the latest offerings, you've tried most of them — and can recommend the perfect fiber for any project! Heck, you probably even make your own yarn!

go take the test! maybe you can be a yarn yenta like me :-)
i feel like i was hit by a truck!
the kids brought home the flu from camp. tali went first then the rest of us followed yesterday. all of us who werent at camp, all day, it was horrible. (kezzi and chai were sick oat camp.
tirzah, whose kidneys have been doing so well, is hidden from the germs at my mother's. i miss her :-(
so no knitting has been done here. ican't even see straight let alone read a chart. poor MS3 stole.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MS3 update- wow i got to type in a title!

so with the bathroom crumbling, socks to knit, and tali's day of puke. i dont have much to show.
but chart a is done on the KP shadow in vineyard

the skacel merino is several rows behind the other one. it has contrasting beads, charcol like in colour. the other has beads more coordinated to the yarn, a dark amythest.

and just because it is cute. Jaden's monkey in the seamonkey socks.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i have a busted toilet, puking kid, and no money... so go shopping since i can't! :-)

Interweave Press is holding its annual online hurt book sale!
Starting on Tuesday, July 10th, at 10 a.m. MST (that’s 12:00 p.m. EST and 9 a.m. PST), the online hurt book sale begins. This sale is only available online, no phone orders will be accepted. Quantities are limited so order soon!
What is a "hurt book" you ask? Any book that is slightly dinged or dented but still worthy to be owned we tag as "hurt" and save for the special time of year when we offer them to you at a discounted price. This year we have 135 titles in stock discounted at more than 50% off the retail price.
Take a look at some of the popular knitting titles available this year:
Scarf Style by Pam Allen
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The Knitters Companion by Vicki Square
Place your orders at http://www.hurtbooksale.com/Hurt/default.asp. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so payment must be received at the time of purchase. All sale purchases are final and non-returnable.
This e-mail announcement about the sale is being sent to registered members of Knitting Daily, Beading Daily, and the Interweave Press website because we want you to have first pick.
Feel free to forward this message to your friends (but you might want to order your books first at http://www.hurtbooksale.com/Hurt/default.asp).
Thanks for supporting the annual online hurt book sale!
Your friends at Interweave Press

Sunday, July 08, 2007

we got up at 4:30am drove down picked up the kids, and then slowly came home.
we stopped at sutter's mill and did the museum stuff, and the touristy things.
the one souveneir i had to bring home, a darning egg. :-)the "beer garden" was the kids choice for lunch b/c it looked like a sukkah.it was so nice and cool inside it! there were really long tables and a bbq/firepit. when i get my own house oneday, i want to build one. but grapes on oneside wisteria on the other. (like the wisteria covered porch in monaco, just smaller)on the drive i was really too sleepy to knit. messed up a row in my MS3, had to rip out 4 rows and redo it.
i do not recommend chart reading on winding mountain roads. yuck!

this week should be 95 instead of 110, which is a welcome relief. (no AC or swamp cooler here)
which is why this is my favourite knitting spot.

a pool with a built in bench. perfect! not quite the princess castle pool my aunt had built :-) but perfect for the hot weather! ( you can check out mom's trip to LA and swimming in the pool on her blog)

lastly, have you seen these! sock needle kits from knitpicks! drooling!!! size 0-3, inc both size ones and twos

Monday, July 02, 2007

MS3 and contest

lotus knitter is having a contest.
this is my first FO besides swatches that never grew into scarves

This "girl" is now a HS grad. whoohoo! so proud of her!

next up on my que Aurelia Socks, in mountain colours. i have alot to get done before i get to do those tough.

MS# update. i am at row 27 which is very sad, there are people out there waiting for the next clue already! stupid ceiling! why did you cave? i organized my stuff for the shawl though. organizing makes me happy :-)

i am using skacel merino lace and changed the beads to a charcol colour.

also KP shadow in Vineyard. i love the body it has in comparison. but the skacel swatch turned out so nice when blocked... so i can't decide, must make both.

there is a difference in size as you can see here, same ammount of rows. but US 4 for skacel merino and US5 for Shadow. It will be interesting to see how this turns out overall.
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