Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why they don't wear a sash

here is my Girl scout sash fro the early 80's. the other side has like 3-4 patches. those are like my troop number,etc... i also was very shy and had a hard time doing girl scouts. i was glued to my mom the whole time.

this is kezzi's modern alternative to a sash, the girl scout vest.
she just got 34 new patches at the award ceremony. they would never have fit on a sash.
she has another year of girl scout's to go! i have no idea where we will put them all!
kezzi is al;so very shy, but tirzah is so not! i think that has to help.

and i haven't even counted tirzah's yet. she however bridged to cadet and has a new empty vest to fill up.

are kids just more ambitious nowadays?


Jill said...

My sister's vest looked like that. I think there are just more opportunities to earn patches nowadays.

brooke said...

It's 'cause your kids are so cool. Congrats on the patches - all wonderful experiences behind them!!

Ayelet said...

I'm not sure if kids are more ambitious but they are definitely more rewarded :)
Nice little collection Kezzi's got there!

bubbebobbie said...

I think there are more patches to earn, and when you were a scout the badges were mostly always earned as a group, not on their own. Kezzi's and Tirzah's are earned mostly at home that makes a big difference.

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