Monday, June 11, 2007

the weekend in review!

lots of pictures! watch out!
we went to the threshing bee at patrick ranch. members of the paradise spinning guild were there giving demo's on bothe wheels and drop spindles.
and then there was the loom....
Tirzah taught several women how to use the drop spindle. She did a very good job.

sam decided i need to spina new "fiber" and brought over some cotton candy.

which just happened to match the luxe fiber and fairy sparkles i was spinning, it is really berrylicious.
You shoulda seen the look on some peoples faces, apparently spinning cat and dog hair is NORMAL, but cotton candy is WEIRD!
there are lil sparkley bits that you can really see in the light.

JP sent me some needles at the same time my needle keeper things arrived!
the bugs are taming the needles, so they shouldn't puncture any one any more!
look how cute the lady bugs are!

tirzah's bat mitzvah shawl in progress... for the 3rd time :-(


Jill said...

Sounds like you and your family had a lovely weekend!

brooke said...

did you seriously spin the cotton candy and NOT call me to tell me about it?? Or are you pullin my leg?? You may be a few yards short of a skein... LOL...

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