Monday, June 25, 2007

this birthday is brought to you by the letter G, by hand yarn store, and the numbers 3 and 2

we had a great weekend, we went up to sonora pass to camp. sam took me to the yarn store in sonora-a tradition for when we drop the kids off at camp each year. i got some fun stuff of course.after we packed the camp, we drove up to the pass, gazed at nevada, hiked and picniced.
i sprained my ankle before spinning on thursday, so it was killing me all weekend! which made the hikes shorter than usual. oh, and i sliced open my thumb as we loaded the camp gear in our driveway, which made knitting a lil more difficult.

while at camp we went to wade in the lake. we didnt have suits with us, but tali didnt care. she walked right in and sat there. just sat there. didnt move. she is so like my mom!
we then drove to camp gilgal and depositted half of the kids. tali cried and cried. she thinks we are horrible for leaving them.
on the way home we stopped in cool california (yes a real town) for icecream.
for sesame street knitter i took a KIP picture b/c obviously knitting is is toothless jaden holding the sock for me. note the sign over his head says "Cool"
on the way home, i finished my monkey sock after many months. you can see where i was too relaxed at my gauge made the colours pool a bit. but i love it.


knitknak said...

well heck yeah Cool is a real's also home of "the cool24" (I think that's what it's called) it's a 24 hour mountain bike relay race! That's the one my son rode in this spring. It's a very beautiful place! :)
Happy Birthday girl!

bubbebobbie said...

Happy birthday to you!
I think you complimented me?
Sweet Tali, she knows what water is for, but why the clothes????

Hee hee, I love you

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