Monday, June 25, 2007

SP10 revealed

my secret pal was cecily!
for thsoe who dont know, i spoiled her several rounds ago.
she is also a hostess :-)
cecily sent so much stuff off my wishlist this round! i can't wait to read the book!

i love knit picks needles! and 2 shades of cascade i dont have yet! ( i know you are shocked!)
i am going to have to load my cascade into ravelry eventually i know.
the fun with yarn skein is such perfect colours!
i cant wait to make some cakes of yarn!

thank you cecily for being a great pal and friend too!


cecily said...

Wow, that came fast. I'm so glad that you liked everything. I had so much fun putting stuff together for you and was only hoping that it would be up to the par of your packages. :)

Rouva Oranssi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. About the 'Mystery Swatch': I stretched it with my hands and I am sure I could block it (much) wider. I am going to use the 3,5 mm needles I liked most in the first place.

Hanna from Finland

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