Monday, June 25, 2007

sarah's yarns

i just need to tell you, friday afternoon i placed this order. and an hour after i did, got an email saying "shipped".

here the yarn is today!

this is to go with tirzah's lace shawl for her bat mitzvah.

else where same zephyr cakes were $11. sarah- $5.75.

so you know you want to shop with her!

also a free colour card! how awesome!


Janey said...

Do you by chance have a photograph of the lace shawl you made for her bat mitzvah? I'm trying out different lace knitting patterns, and I've always wanted to make myself a shawl. What color yarn would you suggest I order?

Heatherly said...

This is the link to the Shawl on Ravelry

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