Monday, June 04, 2007

monkey envy

it took a couple months but i finished my aunt's monkey socks. her foot is longer than mine (which is not saying much since i was trying on shoes at payless in the kids section) so ignore the weird looking kitchner impersonating toe. i still got purl bumps grafting it shut! argh!
the yarn was from highlyn my sockret pal, hand dyed by herself!
flash washed the colour a bit.
i love it! and cuz these are short socks, i may get 2 pairs out of the skein. :-)

my life has not been very "knitting with a pattern" friendly. so i was able to do these without the pattern which meant they got finished!
tomorrow i will try to get the fabulous Val in them for you guys.

gotta work on my mom's socks! seriously!
and finish those others for a patient person in hawaii. :-)


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Very nice! Someday I aspire to do socks. I got frustrated just on ribbing last time so I put it aside and am in full blown dishcloth frenzy. :)

Ayelet said...

Wow!! I love that color, it's so... comforting, somehow.
You didn't use a pattern at all or was this inspired by anything?

brooke said...

LOVE the socks!! I learned something new last night on a pod cast.. did you know tussnah (or however you spell it) silk is a renewable resource and no animals are harmed in its making?? Other silks BOIL the little silk worms!! ARRGG. See you Thursday

J.P. said...

Awesome socks!

I love them, but the pattern gives me grief when I try. A lovely gal just posted the pattern she made up for baby Monkey socks. Might just try those...

Yours look spiffy!

bubbebobbie said...

Hey I tagged you!
love mom

Sue H said...

Socks look great. Loving the colour, so soothing.

Dipsy said...

Oh, these socks look really beautiful! I love the calm colorway you've been using, it works perfectly with the pattern! Great work!

Ancient Threads said...

I'm so pleased you were able to use the yarn and you enjoyed it.

Highlyn at

amanda cathleen said...

oohhh!! Lovely! Love the soft colors great job : )

Rebecca said...

Girl, you should have joined the Monkey Sock Swap I hosted! It was lots of fun...we are just finishing up Monkey Sock Swap TWO!

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