Monday, June 11, 2007

around the world we go!

boy, do we need a vacation!
today we were sent on 2 trips! one was a delightful spin around the Isle of Man part of the British Isles. Mini's Pc's sister sent tirzah and kezzi a fun box filled with a complete adventure. the coins were a big hit with the boys by the way!

the girls have their very own pets. manx cats which remind me of the cartoon "peter no tail". has any one else seen that or just me?
the girls are laying on their stomachs reading about fairy like creatures in the book as we speak.
Lorinda, who G-d has joined to me over the last ..has it been years now??? sheesh! any ways, my friend in Il was my round the world special swap pal. and she sent me around the world with this box!
i have been dying to try the fleece artist! i can't wait! the boys think the fireworks straws are the coolest things ever. and i am drooling over the darcy book! :-)
thank you for the wonderful adventures! you guys rock!

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Sue H said...

Looking at the photo's of stuff on the Isle of Man brings back lovely memories of a weeks holiday there with my school back in 1962. I migrated to Australia in '63 and haven't had the chance to go back there again.

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