Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An afternoon well spent

using the lovely red hued hand dyed that was sent to me in the special swap...hearts and flowers version, i made a sock in a couple hours. :-)

I know you are soooo envious of my mad knitting skills! i mean the Harlot takes 16 hrs to make a sock, and here i made one sock in an afternoon of leisure.

rather than keep you in suspense here is the monkey of the day sock:

baby monkey socks by
Nikkiana at

US2 knitpicks
LOTR box lid for scale

i have another sock to make. Thanks JP for the new addiction! it was a great break from lace.

and since you know you are all interested...10 days til my birthday!


Nikkiana said...

Awww! It looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Knitting Mama said...

That is just too cute.

THREE days til my bday. Actually, it's thursday already, TWO days til my bday!

You're not a gemini are you? I'm the 16th, so I just make it.

Have a nice day. (Love your profile pic of my stitch markers!)

Sue H said...

What a gorgeous little monkey sock.

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