Tuesday, May 15, 2007

whit and whimsy

last night on the way up to redding....i began a sweater for heather's baby. mindless garter stitch! whoohoo! a slight break from the stupid sock i frogged for the 4th time. i must have written the instructions down wrong.

the night was realy cool. rosemary schindler is nice and beautiful. i was not expecting her to be so young! i wanted to get a picture of tirzah and chai chatting with her but the batteries in the camera died! i do have some semi clear photos from the "cry-room" which meant i could have kids running around AND hear the whole schpiel.
see the glass "seam"?

there was the reformed rabbi of redding , whose daughter is named talia too. he was very nice.

rabbi melamed sp? who is an iraqi jew, ex-haganah, IDF vetran and war hero. he totally rocked!

he escaped in 1941 from the nazi-muslim progroms in iraq in a bus in the desert in JULY! i think he said he was 7. can you imagine 3 weeks on a hot bus with kids?

the jewish consulate reps and cufi reps (christians united for israel) and they raised money for yad sarah and another israeli charity i think called zipporah that works with ethiopian jews in israel. $7,149.24

there was a lil bit of traditional dance, worship and a pretty decent goyish attempt at the aaronic benediction. botched pronounciation but decent anyways :-) heehee

our buddy daniel was asked to be a shofar blower. he always has it with him. he has known rosemary for years and is one of the best shofar guys in the north state. but i love it when he makes cattle noises thru it for tali.

we returned home around midnight. cuz sam was schmoozing. but i had packed sandwhiches and snacks. it was 96 up there before the confrence and 66 on the way home thank goodness! but the chocolate i had brought was soup! it will be 115-120degrees soon. yuck!

so that is a quick recap.

i had a dental appt today. my eye is still numb! so i am off...

oh! before i go! the whit and whimsy of M.E. from my knitters treat exchange pal. Linda. she sent sugar for the kids

now i am gonna curl up with the new interweave and a cuppa tea in my new cup! (IK has a knitted chuppah in it! very nice! but too bad it is after knitting wounded's wedding! drat!


Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I was a bit peeved when I saw the chuppah pattern in IK, but I really love how mine turned out. Thank you for all your support during the fiasco... I mean, wedding!

Sue H said...

Sounds like a great day out. I'm glad you really enjoyed it.
Now, pardon my ignorance, but what is a chuppah?

Lesa said...

I've been to that church :)

amanda cathleen said...

sounds like a good day out girl! Great package! She sure sent lots of sugar for the kids, yum!

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