Friday, May 04, 2007

tirzah's video
Tirzah recorded a youtube video about what she is doing. the lighting is pretty poor but you can her her voice.

After emailing several dozen companies, we received so great info.
So far we have been told these are ethical, fair trade, not produced with slave labour yarns

Manos de Uraguay
Frog Tree Alpaca
Mosquoy Alpaca
Blue Sky Alpaca
Be Sweet Products
Artspun has a fair trade camel -this is important because many of the children enslaved are used as camel jockeys. they also have fairtrade beads from Ghana
If you this makes you decide to purchase these yarns please comment!
we are still trying to locate a good silk yarn, the organics are "larvae" friendly-we want to find one that is people friendly too!

There are more people in slavery now than in 1860.
Tirzah has some great statistics on her blog, so i encourage you to visit her
Tirzah's goal is 500 signatures in 30 days. so far she has 32. go Tirzah!

update-since you asked, tirzah is doing pretty well health wise. her last UCDavis appt was a bit scary with urine the colour of redwine. but they said as long as her kidneys are doing this in flares and not more constant we wont have to take agressive measures with her HSP (chemo, prednisone, transplants...) They are uping her omega 3 fish oils to help safe guard her kidney- the right one- for a little longer. the build up in her kidneys feels like kidney stones, which explains the back pain she was having. So far there isn't a need for bedrest like last year. Keep praying for her!

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Sue H said...

Good on Tirzah for her efforts, and I sincerely hope she is successful in getting her 500 signatures. I'll also keep her in my prayers for he health.

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