Monday, May 14, 2007

summer goals...

i am trying to plan out what we will be doing this next summer and i ran upon a contest over at skeins her way that encouraged me to figure out my summer knitting goals.

i have about 6 different socks in progress i need to finish. a few are very much pattern in hand, not good for public knitting. the monkeys were an easily memorized pattern, and a couple are plain mindless stockinette once i do the heels! plus my mom's jaywalkers.

tirzah will be 12. i need to make her lace shawl for her bat mitzvah. i found a few patterns i want to use, we will see if i get the confidence to right it up myself.

my best friend, also named heather, had her first baby girl, lilly...she has 2 boys and 2 teens they adopted from their decade in russia. so a second daughter and a first daughter. i am thinking EZ almanac feb baby sweater, which suddenly has popped up on alot of blogs. elegant and one piece.
also, i have picovoli in brown to finish, lorelei, and another tank i want to make in green.

i hope ravelry will help me keep what is on the needles and in the que straight. must fight startitis!
non knitting plans:

tonight we will be driving up to meet with sacramento rebbes and oskar schindler's niece. how cool is that?! i am so excited. today is Israeli Independence day for those who aren't aware. and this is apart of that celebration.

we have a shavuot picnic in a week or so, then a lil break as far as holidays go.

the kids will be at camp gilgal and have hebrew classes again this summer. we are going to camp on the ride down and back up maybe. which gives a long drive to knit on ( 5 hrs). this weekend i will be at the minister's wives confrence. unfortunately the 4 hr drive will have me behind the wheel. but i am planning on knitting all weekend. charged up the mp3, just gotta pack my clothes and stuff. :-)
we may go to lake shastina in august with our friend, a local pastor, and camp with them. my grandpaw wants us to go camp with him too. caribou or philbrook are his hopes. i wish i had a foldup lil spinning wheel that i could take with. i really want to try the majacraft lil gem. i am not too thrilled about the joy. but i must pay off "ootzli gootzli" first. but camping is great for my knitting.

so that is what i have planned. my inlaws may be moving here which will be interesting. we will see how it effects the plans.


Jessica said...

the kids are still invited to go to camp agape too if it fits in your schedule! :) june 19-22nd
miss you!

elan said...

I'm curious to hear how the meeting with Schindler's niece was, I hold him up to my boys as an example of how no one is perfect but in the face a evil we can all make a difference

Lexy Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by :) If you were closer I'd probably take you up on that, hehe.

I hope you blog about meeting Schindler's niece. Very cool.

I'm going to copy you and come up with some summer goals myself.

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