Wednesday, May 30, 2007

sockapalooza4 and freedom fiber

i think i have decided on the pattern for my pal.
what do you think of socks with nups?

lily of the valley socks from jeanie townsend. she also has a freebie sock on the site, lilacs. but i think i like this one best. my pal's foot is not the same size as mine. so i am going a bit blindly on this.

have you ever made socks that do not fit some one? what did you do?

reminder just 2 days left of tirzah's freedom fiber contest!


Kiwi said...

Last winter I made a pair of socks intended to be for my husband, but I turned the heel too quickly. He was disappointed that he didn't get socks (that's being remedied as we speak) but I ended up getting a new pair. That probably doesn't help you, but it was what happened to me :o)

Sue H said...

Love those socks, even more in that colour.
Yes, I made myself a pair, and couldn't put them on. My duaghters MIL was able to get them one easily enough, so she got them and was very thrilled. They were in Rowan Wool Cotton, and I really loved them. :-(
I then knitted a pair for my hubby, who could put them on, but felt that they were a bit small.......I got them. I then knitted another pair for the hubby, and he loves them. I'm currently knitting a pair, but I'm not sure about the colour for my dad, so I may make them to fit me, and knit a new pair for him in different colours.

Heather MIS said...

neat socks! I am knitting a pair of cabled socks-just a 6st cable - they are looking nice...I intended to amke them for myself, but, alas, they will be too small. I did that with my first pair too! I ended up giving those to my sister. she likes them . they fit her . but these cable socks! now i have to find someone they will fit. ugh.


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