Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Sock tree!

i spent the afternoon at my grandpaw's. it is my favourite place to be.
while the kids ran in the meadow i was busy in the workshop.
i bought a 2' x 4' piece of oak and set to work with the band saw!
after cutting them all out, and power sanding... i have a lovely collection of sock blockers!

i made women's large, medium, and small, and a child size and 2 toddler sets.
i think these sould be presents! I want to make more!
so we will add a pair of sockblockers to the freedom fiber contest!
here are my aunt's socks that are not blocked yet (see the floppy edge) they are alpaca, US size 1, and were supposed to be her traditional bday socks, but i didnt get them done til now.


elan said...

I've got to show my FIL these, I bet he could make me some. Don't ask why I never thought of it before? Obviously I'm not smarter than the average picnic basket! Where did you find the template?

Sue H said...

Aren't you the talented one? Well done with those sock blockers, I love them.

bubbebobbie said...

I am so proud.
Such a talented girl!

It is my favorite place to be as well.

love ya, mom

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