Sunday, May 27, 2007

KTS3- bonus questions

1) Water - do you boil or microwave for hot tea? (Now, remember we need to keep this civil.)
boil, unless i am desperately being screamed at by a 18 mon old for tea. yes, i start them young. :-)

2) Iced Tea - do you boil tea bags, make sun tea, use instant or have some other arcane method of infusing the water (please share!)? (Folks, what part of CIVIL did you not understand?)
sun tea in a pickle jar...the really big kind.

3) Sugar - raw, cane or beet? Cubes, granular or chunk? Real sugar, pink stuff, yellow stuff or blue? (Okay, who threw the sugar bowl?!?)
prefer raw

4) Cup or mug? (I can hear those ugly mutterings from the back. Do we need to have a group hug?)
mug -cuz my tea cups are still packed in the garage.

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