Thursday, May 24, 2007

Come visit us at the fair

the girls and i are at the "From our backs to yours" display in the baby animals section at the fair today and tomorrow. we will be at the sonicflood concert tonight,too. so if you are around, come see us!


knitknak said...

oooh oooh heeeeyyyyy....that looks like the carder you were going to bring me yesterday hehehe.
Have fun at the fair....I'm off for awhile....and I'm going to look around philly for....carders!!! :) Have a lovely weekend.

theblondeknitter said...

fairs are so much fun and have fun at the sonicflood concert too!

P.S.your 'Heather list' is too funny! it makes me feel better about wanting a 'traci list'!

Jessica said...

wow! Tirzah's hair has gotten really long! so pretty!
It was great to see you guys last night! can't wait to get a chance to really sit and talk!

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