Monday, May 07, 2007

busy bees

whoo! this ia a jam packed week at our house!
yesterday was my mom's bday. bubbe got an upgrade. chai says she is bubbe 5.1 hheehee
today i was the guest speaker at the LWMLeague women's lunch. they do alot of Israel grants and support. and i actually didnt suck this time. back in january i totally bit the dust at the thing i spoke at. seriously, do not be nice about it. i did.
this time no super sonic talking (i talk really fast when i am nervous) i didnt say "um" repeatedly just a couple times at the end. and even though my printer was not cooperative, and i went with out hand typed notes, i did have the hand scrawled ones.

and i was so nervous i called my BFF and when i got there, the woman who greeted me looked so much like Mrs. Guthrie that i was totally at ease. then this guy heard i was talking and so insisted on coming even though it was a women's thing. he was so cute. he came over, "i am mr fleischmann, my family is jewish ..." which totally made me giggle, really with that last name? who can you tell? i was told i did a good job b/c i made mr fleischmann cry.
so now i have a standard by which to measure all future speaking engagements. sucking means no one cries, speaking well means i make grownmen cry. :-D

thursday sam goes down to fox studios to tape a television interview. he thought it was radio, nope, it is TV. so he is a lil nervous. keep him in prayer.
and next monday we will be with oskar schindler's neice and the jewish leaders of the sacramento region. how cool is that? schindler's neice. i am so very excited about that.
( i know you couldn't tell)

Tirzah- has 50 signatures. whoohoo go girl.
we have some awesome south american alapaca on its way for the freedom fiber contest.
this is still on through may 31. 500 signatures in 30 days. can she do it?

the be sweet yarn company has a pretty cool story you might like to read. the y have an intro to the Xhosa women.

i tried really hard to learn Xhosa when i dated this guy from africa. i laughed too much. :-)
how do you say yarn in Xhosa?


brooke said...

I am glad you did well and made a grown man cry (??) Normally, that would be bad, but in this case... I wish we had not had some emergencies here at the office this afternoon - drats!! Have you read the book "don't fence me in"?? both kids have autographed copies - i'll try to find one. that will make you cry.. grown men and woman!! Even though I missed you I am very proud of you. I'll pray for sam, he'll do just fine. just pretend everyone is in their underpant!! (except him, of course).LOL.

Anonymous said...

This is your sockapalooza 4 swap pal checking in. I've been super busy (but it seems less busy than you) and I will email you in the next few days. I'm going to try to find some fair trade sock yarn for your socks. Have a great week!

bubbebobbie said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!
Heatherly, you did not suck.
That's all, bubbe 5.1

Nik said...

Hi there,

just popping in to let you know that you've won the contest. Head over to the blog to find out which of the names you've guessed is correct.

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