Saturday, April 14, 2007

zemeira, bella, and lucy turn 5

These are all the "names" of child #5.

Her real name is Zemeira. She was such a pretty baby we called her Meira-bella. That became Bella. Then she watch Narnia and became LUCY.

Today she is 5. This is the outfit she has decided to wear today in honour of the celebration. (ignore the dirty door!) sunfaded pink coat with purple horizontal striped dress and vertical stripe pants.
Tali is wearing the sweater i crocheted for Bellas first bday, she wanted to be in the picture too.


bubbebobbie said...

Hee hee Make sure you post her Princess dress too. Every five year old needs a before and after picture. I love you thanks for such a yummy party. I loved everything you bought, Especially the salmon.

Hugs and kisses, Mom

Ayelet said...

Happy birthday! Love the outfit - that girl has a great eye for colour.. :)

Jessica said...

Happy (late)Birthday Bella!!!
We sure miss you! Hope your day was great! Lets have a play-date soon!
The Baus Family

Sue H said...

How delightful both Meira-Bella and Tali look. What beautiful children you have.

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