Friday, April 20, 2007

We had a great time last night with Ruth the Dizzy Ewe.
yes, the one who Yarn Harlot blogged about!
you can look at her lovely gallery and see what we are enjoying.
the classes include the fiber!
i wish i was going to saturday's yarn dying class but i will be at richardson springs.

she brought lots of yummy fiber with her.

this is only a third of the fiber in the room, which was displayed in colour groups.
tirzah fell inlove with peacock and primrose (she plans to ply them together.
kezzi had a much harder time and wound up needing an oz of each of her 4 colours.
yes. mommie is broke now!
i took videos of her instructions so i only have a few pictures to show you.
here is brooke our fearless leader spinning away:

i will take more pictures tonight!


Ayelet said...

I wish we had spinning classes here...! How difficult do you think it would be if I tried to start spinning by myself, with no teacher?

amanda cathleen said...

so, how did you not swoon and fall over in a room full of lovely wool?!

Jessica said...

so has it been all spinning lately, or have you gotten any further on the matilda jane? I still haven't picked up the stiches, if ya want to do that together! :) OH! and are you going to the women's retreat on saturday??

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