Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shelby's stash flash contest

shelby-my hostess, is having a contest. she is looking for yarn storage ideas. so we are to show how we store our yarn.
tali grew out of her basinet. and being the last baby, i have not really been motivated to pack it up. right now it has a stack of books and magazines and yarn for night time fondling.
lets see, i see malbrigio, mountain colours, claudia hand paint, wild foote, brooklyn handspun, noro, multi colorie, chenille fingering weight from a Sac yarn store run, purple stuff from the wool room in Quincy, 2 cakes of hand dyed purple/yellow lace weight from the yarn store in Chester, yarn Purple got me in San Jose... so many memories! as the yarn harlot calls them... knitting consulates and embassies in my knitting travels.

2 comments: said...

I gave you a thinking blog award, come read my blog to get it
You can even get it in silver instead of glod!
Love mom said...

Hmmm I am so glad that your bassinette finally is holding something for you to fondle. Since we know babies sleep in arms better than beds, I am glad it proved to be useful.

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