Tuesday, April 10, 2007

passover is almost over! we usually have 2-3 seders.
this year we had 4 seders and a presentation that we attended.
our congregational seder had 127 people. G-d graciously gave me a Chef who
cooked some wonderful dishes and tirzah and kezzi made the matza ball soup...400 matza balls!

another momentous event happened today- i will spare you the pictures!
but tali used her potty today!!!! whoohooo!
potty trained for summer??? we shall see.

Thanks to my secret pal for the lovely stitch markers she sent!
each one had a letter of my name :-)

i haven't had time to knit anything lately except a bamboo kippa.
royal bamboo is soo soft! it is wonderful.

that is all for now! :-)


bubbebobbie said...

Hooray for Tali!!! Hip Hip Hooray!
hee hee! what a smarty pants!
Love mom

artinreality said...

Four seders? Oh my - you're really hard core! Came across your blog via another blog via another etc, and just wanted to say hi. Really enjoyed the read.

Have a wonderful week!

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