Thursday, April 26, 2007

Needles- a quick review

After a wait, i got a phone call from my LYS saying they finally had addi lace turbos.
so i of course needed one!
they have been billed as being sharper than the old addi's and not quite as slick to help control the lace weight yarn.
this was Skacel's answer to the new Knit Picks needles.
here are all three -from the top, old addi turbo size 1, new addi lace size 1, and knit picks circular size 1.

between the old addi and the new you can not really see any difference! same shape, same taper. if i had some hi quality engineering cailpers maybe we could detect where the change has been made.

knit picks needle still has a better tapered sharp tip in comparison.

the biggest difference between the knit picks and addi lace besides brass versus nicke,l is that the size is printed on the cord for the addi lace turbo. Addi is ofcourse lifetime guaranteed. but any issues i have had with my knit picks needles, have beem solved or replaced at no cost to me. so i would consider knit picks needles to be unofficially gauranteed also.

the price comaprison:

addi turbo original $12.80

addi lace turbo $14.99

knit picks classic circular $4.99

in the future i do not for see buying any more. i dont see a marked improvement to justify the $10 difference. i would rather spend the $10 on yarn. So did Skacel really listen to its public and change anything or was this just a marketing ploy to boost needle sales......

i am going to check the US size 6 differnces/similarities and i will let you know what i find out.


Yarn It said...

I have to agree with you. I bought some too and couldn't figure out what the heck the difference was. I have on pair of Knitpicks needles and will order more. Though their service, in my experience, has been sooooo slow!d

J.P. said...

I got some KP needles from a SP and wasn't too sure if I liked them. I kept injuring myself with them due to their sharpness. I realized that I was trying to push the stitches off the needle or something, which was why I was being poked so much. I tried to watch myself and stop doing that, so I am now in love with them!

I have a sock going on Addis and the mate is on KP needles and the Addis are driving me crazy because the KP ones are way more flexible.

To sum it up, I heart KP needles!

Anne said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been dabbling in lace of late and was considering trying to find the Addi Lace Turbos, but I do think that these photos and your thoughts have convinced me I'll just get some further KP needles!

roni said...

ah...that was going to be my bout the bigger sizes, cause size ones are so dang tiny it's probably hard for them not to be fairly sharp and pointy. But I'm wondering how the 4 and up fair. Keep us posted!!! :)

ps Ive been using my drop spindle!!! yay!!!

2trees said...

In complete agreement with you on the lace addis, tho I only have the size two.

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