Thursday, April 26, 2007

needles part deux

the difference in the new addi lace turbos in the largest size they make is a definite improvement.
pictured -from top Addi Lace, Addi Origiunal , Knit Picks Options.

the end is more tapered and sharper.
Actually the addi lace US6 is longer and more tapered than the knitpicks options US6.

It looks like it may also have a slightly pointier tip, too.

Addi lace turbo $15.99

Addi Turbo $15.25

Knit Picks needle tips $3.99 + cord $3.99= $7.98 or
if purchased as part of options set $59.99 divided by 9 sizes= $6.66
the larger sizes are definitely better than the original addi turbos, slightly more expensive depending on your source.
so if you need a needle immediately or are not already an owner of the knit picks options needles, you will like these.

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Sue H said...

I have been coveting the knit picks options which to get here I have to have a US friend to forward onto me. Addi turbo's are available in Australia. I'm still thinking that perhaps my best bet would be the options though. What do you think?

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