Monday, April 16, 2007

L & V takes me away!

so we spent thurs and friday at the eye Dr. new glasses and seeing if HSP is effecting Tirzah's blood vessels in her eyes.

we apparently came home with pink eye! seriously!!!!! so no girl scouts, award ceremony or woman's lunch this week! boohoo! it is so sad!

the biggest issue was tirzah had to go to UCDavis today and needed to since her sore throat has her kidneys spilling over again, but i cant bring the kids, sam has to work, and i had to take the pink eyes to the ped dr here. wish i had clone!

so my dad, because he totally rocks, and my mom who is really my rock, took tirzah to ucdavis. and gave me phone updates. she had smacked her knee pretty good, the blood issue, the sore throat, her fever this weekend, all were checked. more blood more tests to be done next week..oh and answers? ha! nope! no answers, same ole stuff! blah!

so in the midst of the goop and grime of the morning maura, my L&V pron swap spoiler sent me a wonderous box!

you may not be able to tell but the kids already tore into the playdoh

these are the most awesome ladybugs! they are so fat and cute! heehee

that chai chocolate bar is calling me.....

here is the socktopia sock i am working on. i had to restart the leg because in travel i dropped a stitch! it was not something i could save. so we are back to here. this is sock #2 so they are almost done.

my monkey sock has been plaguing me. on size 1 needles the colours pooled so bad! size 0 needles it was perfect....cept the material was too rigid! i couldn't get my foot in! so i am giving a size 2 a try. so far no pooling colours. i will keep you posted!

this week is the week of the dizzy ewe being here for our mini spinning guild weekend. i cant attend saturday, but will blog thurs and friday so you can see what we are up to. (saturday is ofcourse DYING!!! boohoo!!)

enough whining! sheesh!


Anonymous said...

don't hate me -- I'm sending your letter right away! xoxo, your Knitterly Letter Swap Pal

Your SP10 said...

How in the world am I going to be able to beat that box from your L&V pal? Sigh...

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