Tuesday, March 06, 2007

swaps, and stuff

SP10 is just around the corner!
the last round was a bit dificult for alot of people, so this should be a great round!
i think all the other swap have ended or are ending. my last packages all went out.
i love you my match is for lynn's special swap. :-) i have such plans for her!
it is a round the world theme, which is a fun idea.

and just to help get the word out
isobel of tea and cakes has a swap going
oops fixed the link!

did you see how many hats miss mini soup got?
it was very wonderful, who knew we all had so much fun fur hiding in our stashes!

i have some secret knitting i have been doing and i spun up some of the tencel finally. when i get my computer back i will post pictures and fun stuff.


stickchick said...

I too am looking forward to SP10!!

What an awesome collection of hats at Mini Soup, wow!! That's too cool!!

Jenni said...

the link for www.knitterstreat.blogspot.com didn't work for me. Any suggestions?

jenknitter AT gmail DOT com

Teaandcakes said...

Hi Jenni
It's at www.knitterstreatexchange.blogspot.com

Thanks for the mention Heatherly!

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