Tuesday, March 20, 2007

stress much? or why march is not my favourite month

i tore my shoulder a week ago the stuff they gave me, wired me.
my computer looks totally fried. and Sp10 matches needed to be done.
girl scout cookies have to be delivered.
socks must be kitchnered.
and then there is the UCDavis stuff:
besides monitoring her for kidney failure, intestinal blockages, unexplained bruises, arthritis, we also have to make sure the blood vessels in Tirzah's eyes do not rupture. no one has mentioned her eys before, so another referal and another dr.
and so i pray that G-d holds this little girl together so she can go to africa-which is all she desires.
and now that the continent is soaked with islam...how do you send a jewish girl to muslim africa?
so i was just a mess, awash in not trusting G-d.
a visiting missionary-from africa- was here this week. he asked if G-d wants her to go to africa, dont you think he can heal her so she can go?
and i struggle with that. i believe He can, but i do not know His will for her life. i do not know if He has another plan using this disease, or if He will do the miraculous with an untreatable illness.
But Jeremiah 32v27 says "behold, I am the L-rd the G-d of all mankind. Is anything too hard for Me?"

did i mention my inlaws are coming in this weekend. atleast we got a few days notice this time


Jessica said...

You are all in my prayers! and Thank You for making the time to come saturday! It ment a lot to me, i can only imagine how busy you are....lil miss pastors wife! :)
love you,

Anonymous said...

You and your family are in my prayers!!!
I love you

brooke said...

I stress that my kids are out of butte county, let alone another continent.. you brave mom, you. When is Africa scheduled? or just a dream/plan? I struggle sometimes with some of the stuff life throws my way. What's the message?What lesson is to be learned from this? I don't have answers for you kiddo, but will sent prayers your way!!

bubbebobbie said...

Who would have thought that when a little girl began praying for the Lost Boys of Darfur or the People of Sudan that God would call those very people to begin praying for her? Who would have thought a Jewish man could arrange for a Sunni turned Christian to hug a Shiite turned Christian? Can a Jewish girl treat a muslim girl that love is stronger than hate? She has two fathers that have shown her the way. I do not know God's plan, but I know it is for her future and for her hope and is not designed to hurt her (or you).
Do you know I love you and that with guns blazing I had a 16 year old tell me she never felt safer in her life? "You are stronger than you know." Christopher Robin

bubbebobbie said...

PS "and to the lions in the zoo, Madeline said "pooh pooh!"

Yarn It said...

Africa? Wow. That is amazing. You have prayers coming from this end too. I understand your struggles with God's will. We know what he is capable of but we never know what his will is.

Sue H said...

I have only recently started reading your blog, so I don't know the illness you are referring to, but Yahweh, the God of Israel can and DOES heal people. I'm a Christian, but we do share the same God. I'll pray for you and this little girl. I'll pray that her wish is granted, that she is given peace and that her destiny is fulfilled.

roni said...

What an amazing mom and an amazing family....hang in there girl and knit your worries away...well try anyway.....hope to see you soon!

Mini said...

Ahh, Tirzah, you can come to Africa with me! My dream is to see that continent in all it's glory... I have felt it's pull my entire life. I was her age when it started and at (almost) 30... it's as strong as ever.

Keep the faith...

Mary said...

Oh, you are in my thoughts. I hope you make it through this, whole and strong.

I've heard stories about Jewish Ethiopians... What about the Nile River and the Red Sea? Africa will be a place of rejuvenation and beauty for her. I hope she can go.

The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Always in my prayers, I could only hope to be half as courageous, loyal, loving and talented as you. Tirzah will fulfill her dreams. I am sure God has great things planned for her. And all of you.

Your SP10 said...

I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

P.S. Be prepared, I mailed off your first package yesterday! :)

bubbebobbie said...


Loving you with every beat of my Matzah ball making heart~ mom

Christina said...

Dear Heather,

I hope so much that the dream of your girl will become true. Why do you hesitate to go to Africa? It's not Islam that is dangerous it's just a few people who are and in my oppinion that has nothing to do with religion because in my opinion all religions are nonviolent. Why don't you go to Morrocco for example. My husband is from there and I've been there (I'm Christian, my husband is muslim, we married in a christian church!) and they are so tolerant towards other religions and cultures. And they love children. And what about Kenia for example, they are mainly Christians. My Dad has been there several times and it's very secure.
I hope so much that your girl can be healed one day (I don't know what's her desease).
And please, we are all (jews, christians and muslims) believing in the same god, but I think we are all simply not able to really understand his plans. Sorry if I write a bit confused, my English ist not perfect.
I'll pray for you and your familly.

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