Tuesday, March 06, 2007


my post office has crazy small town hours. so i couldnt get my box saturday.

but it was well worth the wait! i love it! and i subscribe to the blog of the sendee, amy! www.iheartknitting.com
inside was a lovely sock in STR..which i have never used before and am eager to get to knitting.
the monkey sock obligatory pose in cute shoes. kezzi who can now steal my shoes has her eye on my beloved monkey sock! bad kezzi! :-)

more pictures to come. still dealing with the fried computer thing :-P


Amy said...

YAY!!!! So glad that you got the sock and like it. I was worried. It was a fun knit. I hope you enjoy it!
Oh, and my web address is actually just http://www.iheartknitting.com.h

amanda cathleen said...

lovely, lovely sock! Amy did a great job
hope your computer gets better soon ; )

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