Monday, March 26, 2007

sam was preparing the torah portion and it was about the tabernacle and women "whose hearts were stirred to spin, and those who were skilled spun goat hair"
so i tried to spin him some goat hair. holy cow! it is a tricky fiber! no wonder the skille dspun it. i only made a tiny hank which i am gonna make a key chain bob i think.

but i also spun up some other stuff....plying with thread! ooooh!
this was a new thing. i like it! :-)

the secret sock knitting actually punctured my fingers! i was knitting on a tiny circ and using my finger to push the stitches...i know - not proper knitting! gasp, and now i have sore finger tips! i still love my sharp pointy options needles!
here is a kippah- rowan tapestry from heart strings

i made a fiber deal in the parking lot. LOL! you woulda though i was buying crack, it was so funny! but i found a fiber for a swap that i could only get one place and NEEDED it :-) now the box is complete. my inlaws came in for a surprise visit, so it was a great excuse to escape for a few minutes! (they live in denver)
my friend linda had a present for me. it was a great laugh! thank you so much!

my computer will not boot and i can't get the other one to log on at all. so if you need to get a hold of me i will be at my mom's on wed. and will get emails then!


brooke said...

Yiddish with Dick and Jane?? I love it.. I'll search amazon!! Love the key chain hank of yarn too!! and I love my Ashford Joy like nobody's businesss.. I am spinning some really fine stuff. can't wait to ply it.. I need an andian paddle thing.. so i don't hurt my hand while wrapping.. I left some stuff in your bag on the way out to the car after the last guild meeting i was at! on Navajo Plying...

Yarn It said...

We all have those emotional crazy posts. But you had concerns and thoughts and questions. Nothing wrong with that. I love the yarn you spun! Gorgeous. I am jealous. Mine is still lumpy and thick n thin.

How do you get those lovely frames around your pics? I want to do that!

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