Thursday, March 01, 2007

L&V exchange

1. What kind of fibers do you prefer? wool is such a wonderful thing, alpaca is heaven
2. What kind of weight do you prefer (sock, worsted, bulky)? worsted and under
3. Do you spin? yep. since september???
4. Do you crochet? yep, 18 years
5. Are there any books, patterns, magazines would you like to own that you don't? i have a subscription to vogue, that is a new thing. mimnknits, knitand tonic have some i haven't gotten around to ordering. and i want the fiberfish mittens :-) heehee
6. Are you participating in any themed a-longs like the Project Spectrum? yes, didnt get blue finished yet, drats!
7. Do you have a wishlist on or in my links on the side of the blog
8. Any Etsy stores that you would love to get something from? luxe fiber, loop, there are a bunch of reviews i did for SP at that may help with this question
9. What other crafty things are you involved in (quilting, drawing, painting)? drawing, pen and ink, botanic illustration, scrapbooking, and pretty much any thing crafty
10. What is your favorite sort of scent? bath and body- moonlight pathways? and midnight pome.
11. Do you have a sweet tooth and what kind of sweets do you like best? dark chocolate
12. What kind of music do you like? very ecclectic due to our years in youth ministry
sarah kelly is currently my blog music
13. What do you like to knit? And for whom? i like to knit for every one :-) socks, little things, scarves in a pinch, lace
14. What sort of things do you like to collect? ladybugs
15. Do you want needles? And what kind do you prefer? i love the new knitpicks needles, have not had good luck with lantern moons.

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SSS Swap 2 Partner said...

I hope you got your package!! let me know. I'm starting to get a little worried.

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