Monday, March 26, 2007

i am soo much better!

i have the best blog friends! and real life in the flesh friends.
i was all PMS-y and emotional and crazy last post.
i am really better i swear.
as purple and i discussed on saturday, getting to a place of submission and trust is so hard, but once you are there, it is all peace and good. :-)
but i think i need to clarify
having just spent the weekend last month with sunni, shiite, iranians and wonderful arabic men who have become Believers I have no problem with the people.
i have a problem with things done in the name of religion. in the name of christianity, in the name of islam...people have been slaughtered, hurt, destroyed.

these same men we ate, sang, danced and worshipped with, were imprisoned and tortured for their faith. and the religion of africa the last generation, the wars and torture and genocide of their own, is something i hadn't really thought of in light of a little jewish girl who loves Jesus and wants to work with Aids orphans in Africa. it really is a question.
how would they receive her? what would they think? she just wants to go and love them. would she be safe?
it is no less dangerous than european missionaries going to cannibal tribes or any of the number of hostile locations men and women have served for thousands of years on every continent. it just was a new thought to me. it was a fearful moment.
i have one daughter learning to speak and write hebrew and another daughter learning arabic.
and having a kuwaiti brother this was kinda a weird reaction for me in my last post. it was self and shows just how much i was not trusting G-d.
trusting G-d is so much better! :-)
since then we me a woman who is a nurse in africa with one arm and aother with only one kidney :-) so i think Tirzah will be fine and get there one day.
thanks for all your lovely thoughts

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bubbebobbie said...

Oh I found this on a blog It is a song by Mark Bishop. It made me think of you.

Can I Pray for You

I’ve been your friend for a while.
I know you’re hiding behind that smile,
And you’re keeping inside tears that should have been cried,
You’ve been brave through this trial.
You’ve been as strong as a stone,
Against the stormy winds that have blown.
But you have friends who care, more than willing to share,
Don’t face those troubles alone.

Can I pray for you?
Can I mention your name to the Lord?
When I seek His face, can I plead your case?
That’s what praying is for.
I’ll help you carry your cross,
And find the way when you’re lost.
If we’ll let Jesus be true, I know that He’ll see you through.
Can I pray for you?

I know that there’ll come a day.
When I’ll have trials and need you to pray.
Just like you’ve done before, you’ll mention me to the Lord,
That’s why I’m here to say:
“Let me be there for you.
We’ll divide all your problems by two.
And very soon there’ll be three – you and Jesus and me.
That’s what friends are supposed to do.”

Repeat chorus

If we’ll let Jesus be true, I know that He’ll see you through.
Can I pray for you?

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