Thursday, March 08, 2007

blogsnooping and sorting

i am sitting here adding new blogs to my bloglines.
it is so much easier to keep track of secretpals that way. it lists when the update, how often,etc.. so you can sort the blogging minimalists from the diehard bloggers
matching pals is not easy, and some times no matter how you try, the match was a bad one.
i hate finding the pefrect match for someone and then their allergies keeping them apart, or that they just never emailed eachother.
i am very tempted to just do a random sort and not get involved this round. :-)

i have alot of knitting i can't show anyone, cuz it is a secret. :-)
but when the patterns are up i willshow you which ones are mine
my special swap pal sent such lovely redyarn she dyed herself that has been calling to me... if only i was a faster knitter


bubbebobbie said...

Pulling them right out of a hat? That is my style not yours, you care too much and are totally invested and take it personal when they fail. That is why I love you.You people, DON'T FAIL HER!Hee hee!

stickchick said...

I appreciate all your efforts on matching us up!! I'm happy with however you decide to go about it, hate to think of anything keeping you from knitting though. We have priorities right?!? (hehe)

MAke me your pal, I'll spoil you rotten!! Pick me, ooh ohh, pick me!! (j/k)

Sue H said...

Try not to stress too much over it, all will work out fine, and the ratio of "fails" will no doubt be the same as if you took hours and hours trying to match people up. I'm looking forward to it immensely.

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