Saturday, February 17, 2007

yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full

we dropped chai of for WWW and picked up this:

3 bags of wool from a black sheep-brred unknown at the moment :-)
which goes wonderfully with what i got at the yarnbasket :hi speed flyer kit and carding combs
when we got home i went and picked up challah.
a lil way s up the road a SUV hit a SUV that hit me :-(
bella had a drink in her mouth which hit the seat and cut her lip. my back and left arm and shoulder are sore. the damage to the van is cosmetic and the trunk still functions.
the weird thing was the SUV with the brake failure was bill. this guy was on death's doorsteps a few months back! we were praying for him. so i am kinda glad in a sick way that he hit my van. it means he is alive and doing well. a shame to meet under these circumstances but it was nice to see his wife again.


stickchick said...

I am just SO glad you and Bella are okay!! Cars can be replaced, you two cannot be!

That much wool should keep you busy for awhile, WOW! ;-)

Mary said...

I am glad you're okay, too. Accidents suck. That was a weird 6 degrees kind of thing too.

Creative Genius? said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am glad to know you are ok!! Bella too!!!

brooke said...

glad to hear you and Bella are ok. Nice hot soak in tub (w/out the wool) and lots of bubbles (no kids). That should fix you up. ohhh and the wool, lots of stinky wool to wash. I am positively green with envy. Jacki washes her wool in her washing machine.. fills it, soaks it, drains it.. then uses some old chicken wire fencing stuff to dry it on (so air can circulate under, around and over the wet wool. Have fun with your sheep shavings!!

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