Thursday, February 15, 2007

valentines day

on special occasions, bella needs to be chained in on spot, maybe stuck to a chair. she often does something that requires medical attention, my 30th bday was 9 hrs at the ER. i thought that would be Valentines day.
she put a hole in her head!

after calling my mommie, finding out she did not have a concussion, and they would still babysit and keep an eye on her...the kids went to bubbe and pa's and valentines looked more like this...

until i spilled the wine. oh, and it has been so long since i have used candles i couldnt find anything tp light them with :-) isn't that sad?
my freezer used to be filled with candles.
it was a lovely night and quiet!

hope your valentines made you feel loved!


bubbebobbie said...

Ok I am sorry you couldn't light your candles, but since I do know what happens in a home with kids and lighters, THIS IS A GOOD THING! After all, the wine bottle cold have been a candle!
Love ya, mama

brooke said...

How cute are you?? We had salmon burgers for V-day - yummy.

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