Wednesday, February 28, 2007

stuck in the snow!

we have about 8" of snow, which shut everything down here.
3 power outages which apparently fried my computer!
i have it setaside to take to dad ( )
and i hijacked the kids computer so i can atleast get on line!
sam couldnt get to work so we had a snowball fight and built a snow Woman.

here is the amazing box i got from Lorinda.

there is a add on kit to make ladybugs from the fibertrends hedgehog pattern. noro :-) girlie bath stuff, books and fur for the lil girls to make hedgies with. stationary tea, a journal, magnets, lightup needles, pencils and cups for each of the kids. it was a very spoiling package, but the letter she wrote was the best part. i love lorinda! she has been such a fun friend this past year!

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Sue H said...

Whilst we have been sweltering under the hot Aussie summer sun, and going through our 9th year of drought conditions, it has been wonderful reading about the icy cold that our northern friends are experiencing. Occasionally there are photo's (like yours) and then that REALLY makes me envious. (tee hee). Being that I'm originally from northern climes, I miss the REAL cold, and snow sometimes. No doubt though, when we are in the grip of out (not so cold) winter, I will enjoy reading about the sun and heat up there.

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