Tuesday, February 27, 2007

proof of being snowbound

3 hrs of snow in the seirra foothills and more coming! i may actually get some knitting done!


bubbebobbie said...

Hey take the kids outside, set the timer on the camera and get a picture for the next holiday card we have to mail!
wow, I even have time to finish my Bible Study now.
kisses, mom

bubbebobbie said...

Oh I forgot to tell you, Bella was talking in the car and I am sure she was thinking about the soup commercial were the little boy comes in as a snowman and melts at the table. So she asked me...is it true you can make a snowman of yourself? So to make sure that was the question I said "You mean can you actually be the snowman?" and she said "yes" and I said "no honey you would freeze to death." And she said,"BUT I WOULD HAVE MY COAT ON!" The rest of our conversation was about how to make a snowman and rolling and rolling great big balls. So make sure before the sun melts the snow that our Bella gets to roll a snowman because she really wants to BE one! Hee hee!

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