Monday, February 26, 2007

A jew , a sunni, and a shiite walk into a church...

it sounds like a bad joke, but this was just a piece of my weekend.
6 countries.
iran, kuwait, armenia, sudan, israel, plus some americans
9 pastors.
5 churches.
3 days.
a very cool rockstar (hi todd!)
one faith.

as we listened to the stories of those who have turned from the cresent to the cross, as we watched sunni and shiite hug eachother, as persians sang in hebrew "Hine Ma Tov", & as we all ate a kosher vegetarian meal together, there were bombs exploding on the otherside of the world.
how is it possible to have so much peace in one room while the world is killing eachother?
there is only one answer that i know.
Jesus. Yeshua Messiah.
the testimonies of how lives of hate have been changed, how families have issued death sentences, torture and imprisonment for following Jesus, brought us to tears.
watching my brother preach and talk about his lost boys of sudan that he pastors was a blessing i rarely get with all this distance between us.
our Rebbe who married us, said blessings over our babies, came and ordained samuel.
watching my dad in a role that had been set aside for so long was almost too much blessing.
seeing my husband's vision for all of us to be able to worship together actually happen.
this weekend was so wonderful.
i hope you all have the Peace we have experienced. it is truly overwhelming!


bubbebobbie said...

lovingly overwhelmed...couldn't be more blessed. his week end trult was the meaning of the word Priceless!

Love you so much, mom

Anonymous said...

was nice to read this. many more such days needed.

Enid(in UK)

Mary said...

Yeah, if only we could share some of those days and peaceful vibes with others - the ones that need it. Maybe just a little will turn the tide.

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