Tuesday, February 20, 2007

am i busy?

my week is filled with arabs and persians and yummy foods, hammentaschen classes and girlscouts, cateerers and musicians,
last 2 weeks, b/c tirzah got the flu thing we had it made her body react again, we have been on the phone w/ UCDavis, and doing all kinds of tests.
the dr informed us of the good news.
her HSP is typical and she is not pursuing chemo treatments at this time.
needle biospy and other more extensive tests may come in april when we visit them next. so keep her in prayer.
my brother's church is full of the sudanese "lost boys". tirzah has prayed for them for years. currently ever mealtime prayer includes pleas for darfur. these wonderful people who she has prayed for, are praying for her now. :-) how cool is that? i wonder at all her life will entail. she is a marvel.

kezzi is taking full advantage of the visitors and learning to write in arabic. she is in heaven. tirzah is immersed in hebrew for her bat mitzvah, and kezzi in arabic. she so wants to be independent but still is too shy to be without tirzah. it is so neat to watch her develope her own passions like her bass playing.
chai survived WWW and met his "hero" a member of the IDF! whose code/camp name is "cheetah". he had such a wonderful time playing and unlike the girls, brought home most of his spending money. i think he spent $3 :-) and it was on food! boys are so different from girls.
jaden-does anyone know how to make a 7 yr old boy still?! it is a good thing he is so loved, for he has been quite a handful lately. he and bella are all over the place! and she wants to do, eat, be whatever he does.
her bruises from last week are almost gone and ready for her to make new ones in her princess dresses.
tali is getting so big! yet she remains a boobist. i have been able to leave her for 3-4 hrs now. she is such a leech! all the others were more than content to go to bubbe's and get rid of mom for awhile-not this one.
she has been teething and so screamy! that lil old ladies stop and tell me how they would dip their lil pinkies in whiskey and let the babies suck on it...and they could at least eat a hot meal. :-D too funny!


stickchick said...

Whew!! I'm tired just reading all your goings and comings!!! It all sounds fun and wonderful!

I'm glad you are able to break away from the boobist for a little longer. hehe

brooke said...

who got at least one hot meal?? the moms or the babies?? LOL. I admire you - you have 4 more than me and they almost did not make it to adulthood. You've heard the expression "I know why some animals eat their young" Give me a colicy 2 year old over a 16 year old anyday - glad mine are 22 & 25!! what's darfur?? educate me. Can't decide what to give up for Lent, but should have seen the look on Devvy's face when I walked in to KNit Wits last night and said" Today is Fat Tuesday, tomorrow begins Lent. I am giving up knitting and yarn - see ya the Tuesday after Easter" I swear I thought I saw color drain from her face!! Kidding of course... i can't decide what to give up... yarn is too harsh.

Ayelet said...

Good news for Tirzah! I hope they keep on being good :)

I'm terribly busy too, just got 5 minutes before bedtime to go over a few select blogs.. You can also send Chai a "hi and what's up" from another former IDF soldier :). Funny how it's so natural to be a soldier here, isn't it..?

I'm curious to see what you'll do with all that wool from the previous post - any chance of Ootzli action-shots?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm constantly amazed at your busy life and your sweetness in the midst.

Sorry my revelation package to you is SO late. I'm unofficially the lamest sp9 pal. Mailed today (I promise) priority.

bubbebobbie said...

I love how you see your babies! Hey, there is no music blasting from my computer...what is wrong??? Where has it gone? Hey can you help me put Only Grace by Matthew West on my blog?
hugs and Kisses, mom

Old Knitter said...

Hey the whisky worked on my kids only I used the traditional Portugeese recipe that my father gave me and which I am sure can't be used in today's world (a little whisky-a little honey-a little water in the baby bottle) . . . the kids slept great and so did hubbie and I . . . hummmmmmm now that I think about it maybe it wasn't meant for the baby's bottle . . . hummmmmm . . . Great news about Tirzah . . . keeping her in my prayers-as well as you and your whole tribe . . .

bubbebobbie said...

I have seen God do a Miracle this weekend...over and over. This has been greater than I even thought. Thank you!

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