Monday, January 29, 2007

the weekend in review...and the spoils of swaps!

The heavy beast of a piano found a new home :-)
it actually went to a friend of HoHo's where it will be loved and appreciated. i have no room for it, too many people who need the space it took up! :-(

my dad went by the post office for me and returned with these: one from webs cuz i have some orange baby stuff to make :-) one from the jeans for the girls and sweats for the boys...then sweet things from the east coast:

My sockret pal sent me a box with Vintage cool is that!? and note paper, yarn, and of course these beauties! a pair of socks. Lyn, they fit great! Thank you so much! Brooke, my fellow Dirty Knitter in Florida-(May you be released from the state speedily and soon,my dear!) :-) sent some wonderful treats too! coffee, cookies that mommies hide from kids, yummy soap, cherry tree hill sock yarn -which i have wanted to try for some time now, and look at the lovely roving!

on top of it, she sent a book i had put on my wish list LAST NIGHT! how fortuitous! I can't wait to get together with my Brooke here and spin! (paradise spinners guild this thursday!)

Thanks so much!


bubbebobbie said...

Oh My...I do bring fun things to you. Enjoy your tuna timbles...

Anonymous said...

Expect more packages soon. I'm mailing two by Thursday. Love the stuff you got!

sp9 pal

Jaime said...

Wow, such great pals you lucky girl you :D

stickchick said...

Very cool!! Can't wait to see the lovely yarn on your new baby with that lovely roving!!!

I'm glad someone else admits to hiding "mommy" cookies!! Me too!! "here kiddies, have some hydrox" They just inhale them anyway right?!

Chris said...

wait, who's getting the piano?

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