Wednesday, January 24, 2007


thanks to the talented ayelet i have a name for the wheel.
"ootzli-gootzli" it makes me giggle!
if you know what it means you can get a prize :-)
natasha is disqualified.. cuz now she you too!
oh and my aunt who lived in HaEretz.
but all others are free to enter.

i have a sister-cousin---not a backwoods inbredding " i am my own grandpaw" thing, but a cousin who is more like a sister.
she is uber trendy. i have the mom wardrobe. i had my first manicure with her..last year. yes. just last year. my first and so far only manicure.
yarn is my splurge...and books. when a manicure is a couple skeins of schaeffer anne...i wnat the anne of course.
and thanks to the cute israelis guys at the mall. i have pretty shiney nails!
my SC however does mani/pedicures often. and boy is she a great shopper!
if i spent $500 and brought home 1 pair of jeans and 2 tshirts instead of groceries... i would be in BIG trouble. my family would riot :-)
but my SC can do this....atleast sometimes. :-)

so when i saw the salvadore ferragamo bag to make, instead of spending $1650, i knew i had to knit us some! so adding to the many projects i have...yep-one more!
debating yarns...i would love to use the stash. i need to stash knit more. really. seriously. can stop laughing. i am really gonna try to do this from what i currently have.
i have a seude in dark brown i may weave for the top. and i think natural cotton on a cone...somewheres...i have bamboo handles i got half off at joanne's last year...

tomorrow i must brave the post office. i have a package for lorinda, melissa, my pal, brooke, SC, with 6 kids in tow..cuz they can hold all the stuff :-) i am gonna mail everything. tomorrow.
come on, have some faith in me. it might happen. :-)


Kat said...

I think that "ootzli-gootzli" is the Jewish name for Rumplestiltskin. Perfect name for your wheel - :-) I love it!

Anonymous said...

Kat said it right. I LOVE that name!!! It's perfect.

I've seen that Feragamo bag. I think it would be prettier if you made it. And the price they charge is outrageous, no?


Cate said...

Oh, I knew I had heard that name somewhere! Kat's got the right of it!

She's very pretty and I can't wait to see the lovely things you will create together!

Ayelet said...

WHOA!!! I just saw this post!!!!!!

I couldn't be more proud, I feel like such a celebrity :) Way to go Kat for discovering Ootzli's name!

donnac368 said...

It was a fun knit! We had a good time on craftster trading ideas.

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