Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If you are with out an LYS, go visit little knits. heck, even if you have one...go! there is no way you will get these prices unless you own the LYS.
noro silk garden, tilly thomas, wonderful stuff 30-50% off retail! lantern moon needles 25% off... the list goes on!
tell sue heatherly sent you! they are wonderful over there!

i won a contest. over at deliquent croissant. she has the most lovely hat patterns. i made wavelet for jaymie during her last round of chemo/radiation, with debbie bliss cashmerino chunky. in green :-)
sooo lovely! alas i have no picture!
my prize-she is constructing a hat for me! whoohoo!
can't wait to see what it looks like!

spinning- i spun up some of the wool from "the yarn basket" on the new baby. it is not balanced but it is 16 wraps per inch. i soaked it and have it hanging to dry. the smell of sheep and teatree oil is wafting thru the air.
ayelet- what does ootzligootzli mean? twist and spin? sounds like shmueli nosense...he has only crazy sounding nicknames for all of us.

today's picture: calorimetry warming the camelias. she will go to my boston based cousin once she acquires a button.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great link!! It's always nice to find a good place to get great yarn at an even better price!! I was just wanting some nice wool to do some felting and need to make some baby blankets!! That gets pretty pricey at my LYS.

The hat looks very pretty in pink!

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