Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i am ...famous???? WHATEVER!

so this morning we were sitting in a session, at CMA as we do most wed mornings....(doing a beth moore study) and the speaker gets up. she is talking about the peace corp. in russian lands. and says, "speaking of russian, i want you to meet my friend heather" so we are all looking around... "heather are you here? heather w...?"
what?! i am thinking... me???
i raise my hand.
"oh there you are! remember when i tried to impress you all with my russian.. well, heather here is fluent in russian, and have you seen the article in the newspaper about her and her husband?....yadah yadah "
1- i am dying laughing...cuz i am soo NOT fluent! i can order french fries, buy black hats, red pencils. rattle off pleasantries... but i have forgotten most of it, except when i dream. weird russian phrases pop up then ???weird i know! but i am weird.
2- the article only talks about shmuli not me. and it was back near chistmas. it was a pretty awesome piece. you never know what is going to be written up! i was actually surprised.
our big confrence with both the jews and the arabs is causing alot of stir in this redneck area in which i live. so i am cautious. actually, i get suspicious when people start to talk to me til i know they are safe. mostly it has been really positive!
why am i surprised? when i was in israel, the biggest issues about being a jew that i was on the receiving end of was from the christians, not the arabs. which is pretty sad...especially since i am a believer.
so i sat there, totally embarassed, giggling -cuz that is just what we do. Crazy Aunt Purl inappropriately hugs, in my family we laugh at really bad times like oh, EMERGENCY ROOM visits. yep, i sit there giggling...
I am shocked that she remembered me, and waiting for the reactions of those around me. my mom, is laughing..cuz like i said, we laugh.
and i am trying not to see who is looking at me. i want to hide.
why do i do that?
why do i let this fear of what men think creep in?
it is so crazy. cuz like the ever wise Hoho says, to those who gripe at him . "i am sorry, somewhere i must have given you the impression that i was doing this for you!" I do what i do, am what i am ( to quote popeye) not for people. but for G-d. i want to trust more. not in people. cuz we kinda suck, but in G-d. i can trust what He is doing in someone even if i dont really like that person. i want to trust Him more. Believe Him more.

so that was my weird day.
tomorrow i get to spin with the girls! whoohoo! so!!!! excited!
i will try to remember my camera!

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bubbebobbie said...

Oh My Sweet Girl, there was an article about you and Latkes, remember? And are on your way to legendary! After all your kids are always in the paper. It is about time it was your DH's turn. And you do know the most important of phrases in Russian' I mean you never know when a red pencil stands between you and destiny!

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