Friday, January 26, 2007


Talia is too smart. really. it is making me crazy! she comprehends alot.
She figures things out really fast. the kids are not allowed to open things in front of her. she tries to tie her shoes. which makes me laugh.
she is obsessed with zippers. last month when she discovered how to zip and unzip, poor bella had her coat on and tali was chasing her around, screaming, cuz she NEEDED to unzip that coat. thank goodness she doesn't know about the zippers on pants.
and since i am a stacker of chaos...she likes to move things from one pile to another. which means that while i once knew exactly where ___ was, now i do not.
this week it was my cordless phone.
with a dying battery.
so i did not have a phone for several days. :-D
it was not so bad. it was a quiet week.
i found it last night. in the basket of folded laundry. i did not check what i had folded. only the unfolded mountain. so when i pulled out jammies for the kids...there was the phone!

i also have found the 840 yd cone of Ecru. i am not sure if i actually had used some of it before. hoping i haven't. But the ferragamo must be knit... and hurray! so far it is "stash". the sock for mom is almost done. yes, she only gets one sock. but it is better than nothing right? no...i will make sock #2 also. but with so many WIPs i have no idea when. mother's day?


brooke said...

WHAT!! Only one sock for your mom? Shame on you. Moms deserve a PAIR of socks. LOL... you're too cute. Warn me if Tali learns about pant zippers - I'll stay away from her!!

bubbebobbie said...

Oh a sock FOR ME? Really? I actually get a sock? Hooray for me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hehehe, I keep getting am image if Tallie learned about those awful pants in the 80's that zipped from your waist, under your croch and back up to the small of your back. OOHH dear!!! That could be very bad!!!

Glad you found the phone though, just makes you wonder what is going through the little bugger's heads sometimes huh? All I get is "I dunno" or "huh?" from mine

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