Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Presenting: Heatherly's fabulous group of participants!!!!

here you guys go! the list is up! today SP9 ends, and most of you have revealed...ok 37 of the 70 plus...pretty close to most. so guess away as you wait for your reveals!


i am ...famous???? WHATEVER!

so this morning we were sitting in a session, at CMA as we do most wed mornings....(doing a beth moore study) and the speaker gets up. she is talking about the peace corp. in russian lands. and says, "speaking of russian, i want you to meet my friend heather" so we are all looking around... "heather are you here? heather w...?"
what?! i am thinking... me???
i raise my hand.
"oh there you are! remember when i tried to impress you all with my russian.. well, heather here is fluent in russian, and have you seen the article in the newspaper about her and her husband?....yadah yadah "
1- i am dying laughing...cuz i am soo NOT fluent! i can order french fries, buy black hats, red pencils. rattle off pleasantries... but i have forgotten most of it, except when i dream. weird russian phrases pop up then ???weird i know! but i am weird.
2- the article only talks about shmuli not me. and it was back near chistmas. it was a pretty awesome piece. you never know what is going to be written up! i was actually surprised.
our big confrence with both the jews and the arabs is causing alot of stir in this redneck area in which i live. so i am cautious. actually, i get suspicious when people start to talk to me til i know they are safe. mostly it has been really positive!
why am i surprised? when i was in israel, the biggest issues about being a jew that i was on the receiving end of was from the christians, not the arabs. which is pretty sad...especially since i am a believer.
so i sat there, totally embarassed, giggling -cuz that is just what we do. Crazy Aunt Purl inappropriately hugs, in my family we laugh at really bad times like oh, EMERGENCY ROOM visits. yep, i sit there giggling...
I am shocked that she remembered me, and waiting for the reactions of those around me. my mom, is laughing..cuz like i said, we laugh.
and i am trying not to see who is looking at me. i want to hide.
why do i do that?
why do i let this fear of what men think creep in?
it is so crazy. cuz like the ever wise Hoho says, to those who gripe at him . "i am sorry, somewhere i must have given you the impression that i was doing this for you!" I do what i do, am what i am ( to quote popeye) not for people. but for G-d. i want to trust more. not in people. cuz we kinda suck, but in G-d. i can trust what He is doing in someone even if i dont really like that person. i want to trust Him more. Believe Him more.

so that was my weird day.
tomorrow i get to spin with the girls! whoohoo! so!!!! excited!
i will try to remember my camera!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

got cookies?

it is girlscout cookie time! we have 2 girlscouts in residence. troop 57!
if you would like cookies, please email tirzah and kezzie.
girlscout57at hellokittydotcom

Our biggest sellers are:
25% Thin Mints

19% Samoas®/Caramel deLites™

13% Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs®

11% Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos™

9% Shortbread/Trefoils

The other varieties combined account for the remaining 23%.
new this year sugar free lil brownies
all cookies have 0 trans fat

$3.50 a box plus shipping

Monday, January 29, 2007

the weekend in review...and the spoils of swaps!

The heavy beast of a piano found a new home :-)
it actually went to a friend of HoHo's where it will be loved and appreciated. i have no room for it, too many people who need the space it took up! :-(

my dad went by the post office for me and returned with these: one from webs cuz i have some orange baby stuff to make :-) one from the jeans for the girls and sweats for the boys...then sweet things from the east coast:

My sockret pal sent me a box with Vintage cool is that!? and note paper, yarn, and of course these beauties! a pair of socks. Lyn, they fit great! Thank you so much! Brooke, my fellow Dirty Knitter in Florida-(May you be released from the state speedily and soon,my dear!) :-) sent some wonderful treats too! coffee, cookies that mommies hide from kids, yummy soap, cherry tree hill sock yarn -which i have wanted to try for some time now, and look at the lovely roving!

on top of it, she sent a book i had put on my wish list LAST NIGHT! how fortuitous! I can't wait to get together with my Brooke here and spin! (paradise spinners guild this thursday!)

Thanks so much!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Talia is too smart. really. it is making me crazy! she comprehends alot.
She figures things out really fast. the kids are not allowed to open things in front of her. she tries to tie her shoes. which makes me laugh.
she is obsessed with zippers. last month when she discovered how to zip and unzip, poor bella had her coat on and tali was chasing her around, screaming, cuz she NEEDED to unzip that coat. thank goodness she doesn't know about the zippers on pants.
and since i am a stacker of chaos...she likes to move things from one pile to another. which means that while i once knew exactly where ___ was, now i do not.
this week it was my cordless phone.
with a dying battery.
so i did not have a phone for several days. :-D
it was not so bad. it was a quiet week.
i found it last night. in the basket of folded laundry. i did not check what i had folded. only the unfolded mountain. so when i pulled out jammies for the kids...there was the phone!

i also have found the 840 yd cone of Ecru. i am not sure if i actually had used some of it before. hoping i haven't. But the ferragamo must be knit... and hurray! so far it is "stash". the sock for mom is almost done. yes, she only gets one sock. but it is better than nothing right? no...i will make sock #2 also. but with so many WIPs i have no idea when. mother's day?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


thanks to the talented ayelet i have a name for the wheel.
"ootzli-gootzli" it makes me giggle!
if you know what it means you can get a prize :-)
natasha is disqualified.. cuz now she you too!
oh and my aunt who lived in HaEretz.
but all others are free to enter.

i have a sister-cousin---not a backwoods inbredding " i am my own grandpaw" thing, but a cousin who is more like a sister.
she is uber trendy. i have the mom wardrobe. i had my first manicure with her..last year. yes. just last year. my first and so far only manicure.
yarn is my splurge...and books. when a manicure is a couple skeins of schaeffer anne...i wnat the anne of course.
and thanks to the cute israelis guys at the mall. i have pretty shiney nails!
my SC however does mani/pedicures often. and boy is she a great shopper!
if i spent $500 and brought home 1 pair of jeans and 2 tshirts instead of groceries... i would be in BIG trouble. my family would riot :-)
but my SC can do this....atleast sometimes. :-)

so when i saw the salvadore ferragamo bag to make, instead of spending $1650, i knew i had to knit us some! so adding to the many projects i have...yep-one more!
debating yarns...i would love to use the stash. i need to stash knit more. really. seriously. can stop laughing. i am really gonna try to do this from what i currently have.
i have a seude in dark brown i may weave for the top. and i think natural cotton on a cone...somewheres...i have bamboo handles i got half off at joanne's last year...

tomorrow i must brave the post office. i have a package for lorinda, melissa, my pal, brooke, SC, with 6 kids in tow..cuz they can hold all the stuff :-) i am gonna mail everything. tomorrow.
come on, have some faith in me. it might happen. :-)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If you are with out an LYS, go visit little knits. heck, even if you have one...go! there is no way you will get these prices unless you own the LYS.
noro silk garden, tilly thomas, wonderful stuff 30-50% off retail! lantern moon needles 25% off... the list goes on!
tell sue heatherly sent you! they are wonderful over there!

i won a contest. over at deliquent croissant. she has the most lovely hat patterns. i made wavelet for jaymie during her last round of chemo/radiation, with debbie bliss cashmerino chunky. in green :-)
sooo lovely! alas i have no picture!
my prize-she is constructing a hat for me! whoohoo!
can't wait to see what it looks like!

spinning- i spun up some of the wool from "the yarn basket" on the new baby. it is not balanced but it is 16 wraps per inch. i soaked it and have it hanging to dry. the smell of sheep and teatree oil is wafting thru the air.
ayelet- what does ootzligootzli mean? twist and spin? sounds like shmueli nosense...he has only crazy sounding nicknames for all of us.

today's picture: calorimetry warming the camelias. she will go to my boston based cousin once she acquires a button.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Travelling down another road.....

behold! the newest addition to the house! still working on a name for her. and as long as it took to get my kids named... it may be awhile...and slightly difficult to pronounce. :-)

Double treadle, Double drive. Stained in a lovely golden pecan...which only coloured my hands slightly.

Bruce placed the order last week. it only took 5 days to get here! I have alot of payments to make, but tax money is coming, so it shouldn't take too long.
I have4 not spun anything yet, but just treadling is soo much easier. no clunking, no wobbling. (the old weel had some apparent water damage that warped it.) Bella has already asked for ownership of the old wheel. the older two girls have been drop spindling all week. Both used their own money to buy roving. :-) so it will be a good wheel for them to practice on and keep mine safe.

I am speaking at the ladies night out thing tonight, so pray for me!

Friday, January 12, 2007

out with the old

in with the new

the old needle case was falling apart. the new DellaQ case from Heartstrings is now filled with my needles. :-) it almost matches the dellaQ present bag i got last year from a wonderful person! :-) incase you didnt know dellaQ fabrics are limited editions. once they are sold they are gone. so no exact matches. but pretty dang close.
see the lil tags for each pocket with the needle sizes? sheer genius! the only complaint- no size 1 pocket, no size 10 1/2 pocket. :-(
but i love it! 1 step closer to an organized life? maybe not...but atleast an organized knitting bag!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

SIPs- socks in progress. so i took all of them and set them on the bed. the one in the hawthorne book, is a sock i am designing...thus the secrecy. sss1 sock to finish. before sss2 starts??? this was the one sent to me not the one i sent. dark green dragon socks. and bright green log cabin socks. these are just the socks i have currently on the needles. not the other projects. :-( must knit ...alot.

ps. weird how the book matches the swirls of the blanket.

Monday, January 08, 2007

oh i nearly forgot-the 17 yr old- turns out the extreme cancer bone marrow transplant they did... the lump was a side effectof that-that they were not warned of. and it doesnt look like the cancer is back!
keep jaymie in prayer anyways though!
today at girls scout...troop 57.... our troop leader helps get the spinning ..spinning.

i taught spinning and knitting. next week i am going to bring my wheel and let them try it too. it went really well. tirzah and kezzi helped with the teaching. can you believe it is almost cookie time again? where has the year gone?!

My sockret pal sent me somethging lovely. how did she know i love anna griffin? i can't wait to try the opal yarn, and the candle smells wonderful!thank you so much! which reminds me i need to get some socks finished!

i have alot of things to finish. i need a marathon movie day so i can sit and knit.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


today is the 12th day of christmas. after 6 wks of christmas, i am kinda glad to see the season end.
this has been an emotional few weeks. our daughter is doing fabulously health wise. our friend's 17 yr old found a cancer recurrence on christmas day. she was just getting ready for college after the last bought delayed that dream.
other friends are dealing with a very wide spread breast cancer and just "waiting it out" now, pray for her children. sylvia loved so many little ones. she has blessed our lives by loving our babies.
peggy died unexpectedly new year's eve. her funeral was today. she was an awesome woman! went to buy cards and cried in the bookstore. good thing i know the owners and they didnt think i was a tweaker.
thursday sam still hung out with the teens while things are in transition. then friday we had to pull lawn chairs in for services, it was so packed. i get all twitter patted listening to him preach. :-) he is so wonderful.
i am getting my notes all prepared for the women's event i am speaking at. do you think i can work knitting into it? betcha i can. :-)
tali is talking in semi sentences. the girls are all giggly and have a new giggly friend. the boys are becoming boys not just kids, boys. annoying, burping, growing too fast out of their clothes, wearing holes in their shoes, boys. and when did they get so good at jokes? they crack me up!
my hair is greying. i'm not planning on colouring it. but suddenly there is alot of it!
i owe alot of pictures.
my pal asked about my menorah. i have 8??? i think. so i am gonna try to get them all in a group shot for you. sam's silk kippah turned out so nice. now if only i could find more of it in less girlie colours.
my dad's sweater is still on the needles. i designed a cable sock pattern. trying to graph the chart. my dad found a knitting font so it may help.
tali's sherwood sweater stalled affter 2" and i need to get it going again. actually i have way to many WIPs.
i thought i found my bible verse for the year, but when i looked it was sooo not the verse i had read. i lost it, and need to find it again. mom has hers down. it is a new years tradition. any one have a favourite verse to share? have you found a promise you are holding tight to for the coming year? please share!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


project spectrum2 is now up and going!
you know how left out you felt for not knitting along in colour with us last time! so come join the fun!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


my friend over at minestrone soup is having a contest to help a charity. you know that since you are wonderfully giving people, cuz all knitters are, that you want to check it out!

edited to add: JoAnn's has funfur for $1 each!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


1. What are you favorite sock yarns?
well, i havent used too many. mountain colours bearfoot, lorna's laces, scahefer anne, sockotta, cascade fixation. i have opal, koigu, austermen step in my stash. waiting.
2. What are your least favorite sock yarns? Anything you just cannot use?
i hate it when it unspins as you cast on and already looks worn. fluffy stuff makes me sneeze (angora)
3. What method do you prefer to use (DPN's, 2 circs, 1 circ, etc.)
i love DPNs but have small children so i usually magicloop it. i love this now that there are wonderful knitpicks circulars to use
4. Is there any method that you cannot use?
5. What are you favorite colors?
dark rich jewel tones. i dont like bubblegum pink
6. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or more advanced sock knitter?
7. Any other info you want to share (such as other likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc)

8. Last, but not least, what are your sock measurements?
shrt wide foot 9" in legnth...9" circum. lol. i will check my last sss details. i measured everything for the swap. now linked to last rounds questions
thank you for your votes :-)
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